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Dropshipping Fulfillment

    Are you a small business owner, an author, a brand, a creator? Do you reach customers online, or want to add eCommerce sales to your brick and mortar store, business to business (B2B) sales, or trade show business model?  Do you sell on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Pintrest, or eBay and think you cant outsource or diversify your online sales because you need to maintain your quality control, or have so much customization you think it cant be possibly be outsourced?

    Whether you're a startup or a well established ecommerce business, Fulfillment COs' ecommerce omni channel fulfillment services are just what you are looking for! If you have products that you sell you online then you need product fulfillment services. From storage space, to receiving, shipping, shopping cart management, e-mail orders, call center orders, catalog orders (seriously?), sales, and inventory.  Fulfillment CO can handle everything for you.  

     We have NO MINIMUMS or restrictive SKU-to-monthly-sales ratio thresholds like other "BIG-Corporate" Fulfillment Centers and 3PLs

     We started out as a small business ourselves and we haven't lost our small-business-friendly mindset.  We've got you and your online sales' back.

     But why outsource in the first place?Certainly some e-tailers choose to perform their fulfillment services in-house.  But do you really want to deal with a costly fixed overhead and problems that come with staffing, employees, insurance, rent/real estate? Or do you really want to invest in the equipment and systems needed in order to receive, store, process your orders, pack & ship them? Is that what you REALLY became an entrepreneur for?

     Once you outsource the receiving, storage, assembly/kitting, and fulfilment of your products you can focus on the reasons you REALLY became your own boss- selling your product, growing your business network, and enjoying the creative freedom to make new products and relationships.

     And when you FINALY land that HUGE purchase order from a big box store or nationwide chain we can help you with B2B fulfillment.  We can prep and freight pallets of your products anywhere. Bottom line is Fulfillment CO offers the 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and shipping services YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. 

     Check out our Direct to Consumer (DTC) Fulfillment page for our DTC specialties and general DTC fulfillment information and services.

Subscription boxes being kitted
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Postal Boxes
Jewelry clamshells being packaged in a warehouse

FBA Prep 

     Prepare your product for Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) in Colorado Springs, CO strategically located near five different Amazon Distribution Centers.  Whether you sell some or all of your products through Amazon and Amazon Fulfillment Centers your products still need to be prepped for their warehouse receiving, storage, and picking.

     Have a great product, manufacturer, & marketing plan?  Well, Fulfillment CO's 3PL operation may be the missing (or better) link that your business's supply chain is waiting for.

     Unlike BIG-corporate fulfillment centers, Fulfilment CO can be the flexible, solution-oriented, 3rd Party Logistician intermediary between you and the Amazon goliath.  Fulfillment Co will receive your products, store them at a fraction of what Amazon charges, kit and assemble your offerings, package them according to your brand and AMZ-category-specific requirements. We then work with you to masterfully sequence inventory  shipping and delivery in compliance with your Amazon Seller Central restocking and fulfillment needs.

     Fulfilment CO is your FBA expert in centrally located Colorado Springs, CO. With five (5) major Amazon Regional Warehouse Distribution Centers nearby: Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City,  we are uniquely positioned to support your FBA Seller Central operations saving you a ship-ton on freight.

     We understand how to take raw, complex, fragile, unassembled, products from one or dozens of domestic & international manufactures and prepare them for Amazon distribution centers.  We've also prep'd other big box online and retail warehouses: Walmart, Apple, Target, BestBuy, and URBN Outfitters to name a few.

Check out our Amazon specific page for FBA prep, MFN/FBM, SFP, pick and pack, and pack and slap information

Our FBA Service Includes:

  • Receiving palletized and non-palletized product.

  • Inventory to ensure your manufactures are deliver what you pay for.

  • Kitting and Assembly of components or complimentary products into bundles.

  • Year-Round flat rate storage (unlike Amazon's variable, long-term, and seasonal storage fees)

  • Barcoding, Polybagging, "Direct-SKU-Labeling", and shipping carton preparation in compliance with Amazon and other wholesale warehouse receiving compliance.

  • Packaging products in your branded boxes adding any inserts as needed- BTW we manufacture and can design packaging in house.

  • PLUS you can still sell through your own website or other channels and have us fulfill those orders DTC for you- that's called Omni-Channel Fulfillment

eCommerce Integrations

Assume the answer is "YES"  when you ask is “Does your fulfillment system software integrate with __[insert]__?"

 [eCommerce sales channel platform]?   

Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon Seller Central, Big Commerce, etc... 

Early on when we started helping online sellers outsource 3PL fulfillment, we found some people were more concerned with connecting their front and back end integration software than finding a solid partner for quickly and accurately receiving, storing, picking, packing, and intelligently shipping their products. Having found we mastered all the above fulfillment processes, but were meeting resistance to scaling Etailers unwilling to make any changes to their ecommerce software platforms, we decided - "Fuck it - lets invest in integrating EVERYTHING!"

     I would list them all out on this front page if I wouldn't get flagged by the Google-Interweb-indexing-bugs for attempted SEO Keyword Stuffing.  But you can check out everything we can fuck with (software speaking) on our integrations page.

     Organic integrations, Application Performance Interface (API), 3rd party integrators like Zappier and Outfunnel, and even open source integrations are supported. For your B2B sales to warehouses with strict receiving requirements we support EDI data transmissions. Vendors and thirdparty suppliers to bigbox retailers such as Walmart require Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which operates on a different system for receipt confirmation, ship confirmations, and tracking numbers.  We'll work with your software engineer to ensure the automated is thoroughly tested.

     No integration? No problem.  We support batch order uploads for niche sales strategies and can even teach your call center, outbound call teams, indie-publishing, or convention circuit teams how to capture and optimize your orders fulfillment system.

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