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DTC Fulfillment

Our Direct to Consumer (DTC) specialties include: small business fulfillment, Subscription Boxes, Jewelry, Self-Published authors, Custom Packaging, Startups and Crowdfunding

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Anyone selling jewelry online knows there is absolutely no room for error in inventory or unboxing. You need your products QC'd to ensure no missing stones or tarnish on jewelry.  Need a polish on a precious or semi-precious stone before they go out? no problem.  


Don’t trust your luxury, designer, upscale products to big corporate fulfillment centers who hire the lowest common denominator, minimum-wage, employees worked to the bone. We hire quality employees and pay them a livable wage. Then they have the motivation and attention to detail, and give-a-shit factor that your jewelry brand/business needs. Sound crazy? Your customers aren't stingy as hell so your fulfilment center shouldn't be either. 


Don’t just take our word for it! We scaled with a jewelry brand “Starlette Galleria” since 2017 providing her consistent jewelry fulfillment and watched her business take off from a few dozen orders a month to hundreds of orders in a single day.  International clients headquartered in Europe, Gold Mariie Jewelry, launched their US Startup through us and we put a final polish on every ecommerce jewelry order.

These days there's a subscription box for everything, from dog treats to nipple clamps. Subscription boxes are as popular as they are a logistical nightmare, which is why you want us to handle storage, kitting, assembly, and distribution. (We were born in the darkness, molded by it) Why do we like handling dozens of vendors and shipping products within a short period of time during peak seasons? Because we're masochists, or we just like how much better we are at it than everyone else. 


You focus on doing what you do best: creating amazing, custom curated EXPERIENCES for your customers.  You’ve got enough to worry about with new customer acquisitions getting vendors to give you quality components to delight and surprise your customers.  It makes sense to outsource your business to skilled professionals who can scale constantly changing subscription box production to meet tight deadlines. Think your needs are too complicated to outsource? Ask FitSnack for whom we receive, pull, pick and pack off of 11 different product pallets that change EVERY MONTH.

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We know how important the unboxing experience is to your subscribers, and we won't let you ruin all of your hard work with a flea market grab back presentation. I mean Jesus, let the people Instagram! Fulfillment CO will deliver beautiful, eco-friendly product presentations. We source customized packaging, arrange meticulously, and will build each box with pride to enhance your brand, build confidence in your delivery, and protect all your products no matter how delicate your products may be.


Our sister company, The Mail Center, has a staff of trained Direct Mail and EDDM experts who help you manage a Direct Mail marketing campaigns to compliment your marketing with insightful yet cost effective follow up touches.

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We're the most startup friendly fulfilment center you've ever seen! We work with Kickstarter, Kick-Further, Indie GoGo, and any other combinations of "kick" and an action word you can think of. 


  • Have a project you’re launching via KickStarter – we get it – we’ll fuck with that

  • Have a product you're funding via Indie GoGo – we hear ya – we’ll fuck with that

  • Have an established product and a big ass purchase order you’re going to fund via a CoOp funding program like Kick-Further?- You bet we’ll fuck with that


Erik Straub COO of Kick-Further “ I’ve worked with Ryan and Fulfillment CO for years on some big CoOps, they’re great, organized, on time, communicate fabulously, Very fairly priced too…. Huh? No, no I’m not saying ‘yea, they fuck’."

#sorrynotsorry Erik, well you just did and now its on our site.

Our Clients

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