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Amazon FBA Prep


FBA Prep, MFN, SFP, Omnichannel Fulfilment, Self-Published Authors,

and how not to get f*cked by the shipping world's Lex Luther

Listen, we know as much as the next guy that Jeff Bezos is an R-rated-for-violence Scrooge McDuck, a soon-to-be-trillionaire with a personality you can only assume comes from being brutally rejected by his high school crush (if his high school crush was an independent bookstore). His long-form deadly assault on the concept of worker's rights has been so successful it puts CIA sponsored coups to shame and, worst of all, is that vaseline on his head? I mean fuck it's SO shiny.  


But we also know that you're trying to make a side hustle and a living, and a good one at that, and it's not your fault that sometimes to do so, you have to work with the enemy, which means extra work keeping in compliance with Amazon fulfillment and distribution centers' requirements. So let us handle your raw, complex, fragile, unassembled, product from one or dozens of manufactures and prepare them for Amazon or other big box online or retail warehouses B2B sales. 

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We can receive palletized and non-palletized products, keep Inventory to ensure your domestic and international manufactures are delivering what you're paying for, and then kit, bundle, and assemble components or complimentary products for Amazon FBA. 

We have year-Round FLAT RATE storage, unlike Amazon's seasonal, short term / long term prices.   And unlike Amazon we can receive non-barcoded, non-polybagged, and diverse shipping carton products.


We then take that inventory and prepare it in compliance with Amazon and other B2B's wholesale warehouses.  We've done fulfillment prep for,, Bestbuy, and URBN Outfitters regional distribution centers.


We package your products in your branded boxes and add custom inserts or use economy level plain packaging. We manufacture some packaging in house or can help you source it through a local provider or another necessary evil like Alibaba,

PLUS you can still sell through your own website or other channels and have us manage the inventory and fulfill those orders Direct to Consumers (DTC) for you.

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Fulfillment By Amazon Prep 
Amazon MFN &
Seller Fulfilled Prime

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Fulfilment CO FBA

because everyone needs a 3rd party to stand between them and Daddy Bezos' raw, pulsating five-head.

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Amazon MFN

Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Network

(Fulfilled by Merchant)

FBA is not for everyone. Wrapping your head around Amazon Seller Central's 33 articles (each 2-10 pages long) worth of rules (violations resulting in fines, of course) is impossible for many and simply not worth it, for most. Do we enjoy having the equivalent of an Associate's degree in the variable, seasonal, “oversized”, semi-long term, and long term storage fees Amazon assesses? No. But it does mean that we can save you a lot of time and money by navigating the Bering Strait of third party sellers on your behalf. And that fuels our fulfillment expertise ego, which we like. 


With us, you can

  • Still sell on Amazon- but keep more profit by outsourcing fulfillment to us

  • Still sell on Amazon- but avoid penalties for not understanding Amazon’s crap ton of rules

  • Still sell on Amazon- but have more flexibility in how your products gets received, kitted, repackaged, and shipped 

Amazon SFP

-changing fees and rules make FBA not worth it for your particular business or product? Welcome to a highly populated club; you can sit together at lunch and even though you're more fun than the other kids, you'll always be casting longing glances at the jocks with Prime badges. 

FBM Thru 3PL Model.png

So you're one of the many sellers who quickly and easily discovered that Amazon's network of complex and ever-

It's not your fault! The prime badge is beautiful. Big, shiny, and attracts buyers with Pavlovian consistency. And it used to be exclusively bestowed upon products in the FBA network. That is, until 2015, when seller-fulfilled prime began. Now you can keep your profits while still having access to the ultimate status symbol. 

Seller Fulfilled Prime

The catch? It's difficult as fuck. The requirements are strict and if you drop below 98.5% on-time shipping, you're fucked. Your sales volume increases but you absorb the cost in fees if you can't keep up, or get your badge taken away entirely. 


You know who's good at doing difficult shit? If you haven't caught on already, that's a little hurtful. It's us. We make scaling your business with prime possible without drowning in extra costs or workload. And you get the badge. Did we mention how big and shiny it is?

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omni channel Fulfillment

"Omni Channel" is the newest yuppie buzz-word that you may have been duped into thinking is a proprietary capability of big corporate fulfillment centers. In fact, it's only a bragging right if you're a rigid bureaucratic fulfillment center ordering a hive of under-paid drone workers who don't give a shit about you. Basically, imagine your mom gradually stopped making dinner every night because she figured out she could increase her profits by skimping on necessities and you're like "hey, I really need dinner, because I'm a fucking kid, and you're the one who knows how to and has the infrastructure and training to make dinner, and it seems like you would be able to make dinner," and then after a few decades she says "I'm going to start making dinner again!" and calls it Omni Channel and wants you to be impressed. 


And we're the mom next door who makes dinner because she can and because kids need dinner. And we're a better cook anyway. 


But it would be bad for SEO if we didn't include it, so allow us to ease any fear you have around our ability to handle whatever sales channel you want to reach your customers on: D2C (Direct to Consumer on your own website), FBA prep, FBM, SFP, B2B, Dropshipping, wholesale channels, Reselling, Private Labeling, Liquidation, Retail Arbitrage, Used Items, heck- take some orders at a church potluck and send those over to us and we’ll do that too. In the era of the customer-driven support chain, you need one inventory and one technology platform and one fulfillment company. 

So what do these benefits look like? Meet Steve: Steve has a wife (go Steve!) and his wife bought a gun (go Steve's wife!) but she didn't like how it loaded; it was slow, difficult, and hurt her hands. Steve knew better than to fail a woman with a gun (smart Steve!) so he used his engineering skills to develop a speed loader tailored specifically to his wife's hand and magazine. Now Steve's wife can reload faster than he can say "fuck-- word got around about my awesome product and now I'm inundated with custom orders from Amazon, my website, and gun shows, and I'm an engineer, not a logistics specialist." 


Thank goodness Steve had the good sense to come to us, because now instead of his limiting factor being how fast he can stuff an envelope, it's his small army of 3D printers that are on track to sell 30,000 units in a year for $425,000 in sales across 3 sales channels not even including Amazon FBA which was double those numbers. Steve now has his sights set on fulfilling big (and we mean BIG) purchase orders for Big Box Retailer and Ranges across the World.


"I’ve now got the cash on hand to buy a high capacity plastic injection molding machine and the time and attention to devote to engineer other products such as customized medical equipment thanks to Jen at Fulfillment CO" So if you think about it, we are saving lives out here. But you don't have to be the genius, world-changing Steve, you just have to be a business owner who wants to stop drowning in inventory and shipping labels. 

Success Story

Rae Industries Speed Loaders.jpg

Self Published Author Fulfillment

amazon self-published authors.png
book fulfillment.PNG

Here's a fun game: what do Fifty Shades of Grey, The Martian, and Eragon have in common? Besides being NYT best sellers, the epic young adult fantasy franchise, a sci-fi blockbuster feat Matt Damon, and literary-mommy-bondage-porn-in-print were all written by self-published authors. 


Yes, E L James, Andy Weir, and Christopher Paolini all started out their meteoric rise as self published Authors. And because self-publishing is a fantastic way to maintain control of your message, editing integrity, and bottom line, they've convinced a generation of writers to chase their dreams without the limitations of huge publishers. And what's happened? Death via crushed-in-their-home-by-a-pallet-of-book rates have sky-rocketted. 


So you don't want to sell your soul to a huge publisher, but you also don't want to sell it to Amazon via hidden fees, and you definitely don't want to spend your life hawking books on a street corner. So what's a poor great American novelist to do? 


You let us take over logistics because we have the experience. We'll help you leverage the USPS Media Mail option. We have faster shipping options for selling on Amazon or direct to consumer DTC. We can suggest a preferred book publisher that can print, bind and design. Then we can pick up from them, saving you from dying via pallet-of-books. 


Going on your own book tour? Send us your itinerary and we’ll have your novels shipped right ahead of you directly to your venues, rather than lug your books around, or heaven forbid run out right before you had a chance to put a signed copy in [ubiquitously famous book publishing person’s hands, Mr. Penguin, Mr. Doubleday]. 


Let's be frank. We don't like watching you stumble through logistics any more than you like reading our pedestrian prose. As Stephen King once said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a̶ ̶l̶o̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶h̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ a great third party logistics company." 

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