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About Us


     In 1981 the thought of an alternative to the post office was a radical idea.  But when it took off Yves found himself a trailblazer in the new "Retail Shipping and Mailbox Rental" Industry.  In thirty-three years Yves had built a thriving business with a strong local presence in Colorado Springs, CO. 

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Yves and Ryan

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Yves's Celebrity Look-alike

     In 2014, with several purchase offers on the table to choose from before riding off into the sunset of retirement, Yves decided to sell it to a young Army Lieutenant Ryan Martin because "what the hell, the kid seems crazy, but he paid a good deal up front and if he screws it up I get the business back"... which is exactly the kind of underestimation our team likes to blow out of the freaking water. 

Our story begins in 1981 when Letter Carrier and Airforce Veteran

Yves "O.G." Melanson founded The Mail Center in Colorado Springs- because it's hard to find starting a small business all that intimating after Vietnam. 

Vietnam Campaign ribbon one.jpg

Ryan “New G” Martin purchased The Mail Center in 2014 out of spite.  Yes, spite.  Right after Dunkin Donuts' corporate offices turned down Ryan's D&D franchise application.


     The execs said something like he was “too young and didn't seem like he would take direction or listen well”, - or something along those lines, Ryan wasn't really listening.  Instead Ryan contacted a local Colorado Springs, Colorado business broker and made an offer with a vision of expanding on what O.G. Yves had built. 


     Now, almost a decade after Yves accepted Ryan's offer, Ryan would like anyone from Dunkin' reading this to know he is WAY happier with his thriving Retail Shipping, Mailbox Rental, 3PL and eCommerce Fulfillment Center businesses than he would have been slinging stale cold brew to teens and disaffected hipsters.  Way happier.

     Concurrent to Ryan's military career as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot which includes two combat deployments to Afghanistan, with degrees in System Engineering and Medical Sciences, Co-Owner Ryan continues to handle all new client outreach, software integrations, and onboarding.  Ryan also serves as Fulfillment CO's "Special Project Officer" offering coaching and analysis to help our dozens of eCommerce Entrepreneurs make informed decisions about their shipping, packaging, cushioning, unboxing experiences, logistics and so much more.  Fulfillment CO's personal touch and direct owner involvement is just one of the many aspects that make a relationship with Fulfillment CO so much better than signing up with just another lame ass BIG-corporate fulfillment center. 

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2017      -      Present

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Ryan's Celebrity Look-alike


Ryan's Favorite Mythical Creature

"I'm really an old soul at heart, I most identify with Nessie and her stoicism"

Loch Ness Monster nessy.jpg

Jen's Favorite Mythical Creature

"BigFoot Duh! I mean look at who I married.  You dont marry a man like Brian unless you've got a little 'Squatchin' fetish in ya."

Bigfoot sasquatch yeti.jpg

JEN “You’re F’in High if ya think you’re

                  puttin' a photo of me on the internet” ROERIG 

is a former Colorado DMV shift manager thrice written up for being too efficient, setting too high expectations, and for making other shifts look bad (true story).

     Jen left the State Bureaucracy and continued to hone her management and leadership roles in the finance and banking industry.  Still feeling stifled by BIG Corporate policies, just say no approach to customer service, and pressure to bend her ethics Jen left Big Corporate Wells Fargo (whoops I think our lawyer said not to name drop- oh well) for the freedom to lead a team and service customers as she saw fit.

     Tough-as-nails, our Co-Owner Jen oversees the eCommerce Fulfillment Warehouse operations, her desk is just 10 feet away from our packing station and she's never shy's away from getting in the mix and fulfilling alongside our employees.  Plus Jen will personally answer the phone when you call or text, (I know, crazy idea right?)

     Jen loves becoming intimately familiar with fulfilling our eCommerce client's products.  Jen wants to know you and your company's brand, mission, and goals.  Even as a Co-Owner, she's actually accessible to any and all of our business-guests.

     Most importantly, she takes pride in running things exactly the opposite of the bureaucratic DMV. We should confess now that if you're a huge DMV fan, we might not be the company for you. 

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Abominable Snowman.jpg

Brian's Celebrity Look-alike

"see what I mean? Rawr " - Jen

BRIAN “Big Red” ROERIG and Ryan joined forces in 2017 taking Fulfillment CO from an considerable profit center of The Mail Center to full fledged Fulfillment Center and 3PL Operation.


     Brian's impact on Fulfillment CO, like his stature, was massive. Prior to being Co-Owner of Fulfillment CO Brian served as a freight dispatcher and franchise manager for several nationwide brands (Odewalla, Honeybaked Ham, Sears).  Some people think that they know logistics because they put together an office party and told some people to bring some side dishes, some others to bring drinks, and they even remember to have cups present- Well at first they forgot but they stopped by the gas station on the way to party and saved the day!  But supply chains and fulfillment logistics are a LOT more than that.  And until you coordinate the distribution, smoking, glazing, and packaging of 200,000 Honeybaked Hams and the hiring and training of the requisite employees in one month during a Colorado Christmas blizzard- you don't know logistics.

Yes I'm saying Ham is the highest form of Logistics

    Most people first recognize his commanding presence and the warmth of his customer service (think 300lbs teddy bear). But he also has a robust knowledge of transportation logistics and supply chains. Like really robust (think 300llbs teddy bear). Combining these qualities, Brian became part owner and a huge part of the team. Like really huge (think 300lbs teddy bear).

brian's Favorite Mythical Creature

Alien grey_edited.jpg

"Aliens exist, I've seen them.  I was having a few drinks in the woods and next thing I know, I was beamed up and they were doin' stuff to my back side-honest truth... huh? Oh yea what'd you want to ask me again?

Fulfillment CO

We Believe

in you, in your product, in your dreams

Ryan's Favorite Mythical Creature

"I'm really an old soul at heart, I most identify with Nessie and her stoicism"

Loch Ness Monster nessy.jpg
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