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Drop shipping, Private Labeling, White Labeling, Freight, Discount Postage, and why we prioritize working with integrity 

Private, White Label Fulfillment

What is private labeling? It can sound sketchy to the uninitiated. But buying pre-made goods that are branded, packaged, and distributed by a third party is something consumers do all the time.  And Fulfillment CO supports both private DTC and white labeled B2B products all the time.

So what is Private and White Labeling? Lets say your grandmother created an iconic family recipe for spaghetti sauce, right? Honed it to a perfect science and it's a show-stopping crowd pleaser. Now, you take that spaghetti to a potluck and everybody is all over you about it. I mean models hanging off of you, kids begging for autographs, everyone chanting "Mark's Spaghetti, mark's spaghetti!" (oh you're name is 'Mark' in this example btw.  And it gains traction as "Mark's Spaghetti" because you brought it to the market and because your grandmother is cool and doesn't give a shit how much credit you take for it you've got beginnings of a lucrative private labeling or white labeling service depending on what business model route you take. 

Well let's say your grandmother is a corporate shill instead of, like, a grandmother. And Grandma-shill bases her entire business model around creating spaghetti sauce for others to slap their name on and Fulfillment Co provided the labeling and fulfillment for those jars sold under multiple different brands- that's white labeling


Conversely, lets say Fulfillment Co supports you, Mark, directly and you've hired "G'Ma Shill-Co" to develop a unique spaghetti only for "Mark's Spaghetti"  specifications and trademark.  Fulfillment CO can receive the product directly from the manufacture and fulfills it for you and Mark's Spaghetti LLC- That's private labeling.  


The point is, it's a business model as old as time (or as old as branding). 

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Lets get historical, for another example of white labeling: the unheard of Red & White Brand has been making private-label cereal (sometimes called “generic brands”) for supermarkets since 1908. When you get a Wal-Mart “Great Value” brand box of Honey O’s , a Whole Foods “Thrive” brand box of Toasted O’s, or Target’s “Good & Gather” brand box of Honey Nut Hoops, they’re all made by the same manufacturer and same product. Why? Well it's so those retailers can take a bite out of the General Mills anthropomorphic Cheerios slinging “Buzz Bee” monopoly without having to build their own factory. Never heard of Red & White? Well that’s because they’re basically the illuminati of breakfast foods operating in the shadows. 


But if you want to be the illuminati of say stainless steel water bottles, CBD tinctures, or pet accessories you need to manufacture in bulk, manage inventory, label to your B2B clients specifications and provide dropshipping fulfillment to their brands. All this creates unique needs for your fulfillment company. And guess what! We're experienced in that too. So if you are a dropshipper with pre-labelled product needing fulfillment, or buying a generic, blank (white labeled), product that needs labeling, label removal, and fulfillment, or if you’re a manufacturer that needs a fulfilment hub for your own dropshippers or multiple sales channel brands, we've got you. 


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On Demand Labeling

We can even offer on-demand labeling for sellers of multiple brands.  We warehouse your stock of unlabeled and uncommitted inventory, then when you get orders by-the-case, or by the individual product we can label your sales on demand.  Not only can you offer your dropshippers and brand ambassadors private labeled products, but you can let them pay-by-single bottle.   That's not just appealing to a generation of millennial FOMO- That's a competitive advantage.

Not needing to make a big commitment with you resources to one particular brand or sales channel enables you to remain flexible and pivot (more new yuppie-slang) at the drop of a hat. Long story short, this ain't your grandmother's spaghetti and this ain't you typical Fulfillment Center.

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I'm sorry to say, your manufacturer is probably overcharging you for shipping and if you buy by the pallet then they're definitely overcharging you for freight. They might call it free on your purchase order invoice, but it's rolled up somewhere. If you're selling B2B to a retailer, read your Purchase Order terms closely, and ensure its not padded with delivery freight fees. And it's not because they don't like you; they simply don't think you're capable of doing what we do. In the end, they underestimated US, and boy oh boy do we fucking love being underestimated. 


When your manufacturers or purchasers underestimate us, then you get to negotiate a competitive rate and outsource your freight needs through us for huge savings. Then we get to re-enact the scene from Pretty Woman- "Big mistake; Big, Huge." 

Pretty Woman.gif

Do you have international freight needs? Do you have Chinese, Indian, or European manufactures and need help with customs, freight forwarding, customs brokers? Is your manufacturer asking to put their export freight forwarder in touch with your customs broker?  Well “mi broker es su broker.” Is your manufacturer shipping you loose parcels? How about loose parcel palletizing and crating at port of entry. To save you tons and ship your cargo more securely, and no missing parcels along the way? Got a ship-ton of products to import? Well we can arrange entire sea cargo container shipping.  Here’s a container full of GLASS bottles we imported- over 6,000 glass bottles and not a single one broken.

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Discount Postage

So you think your customers should be willing to pay reasonable prices for shipping, and you're right, but you're also kind of like the guy at the frat party trying to explain to the girl of your dreams why to watch Star Wars in release order instead of chronological; at the end of the day, she holds all the cards and you're a muttering freak. 


Here’s a study showing that 73% of shoppers expect cheap and fast deliveries and 44% of online shoppers who abandon shopping carts due so because of the price of

shipping. To prove the comparison, here's a study showing 73% of women don't give a fuck about Star Wars and 44% of them have interests you could ask about. 


Your customers certainly don’t like paying for shipping, and you shouldn’t either- especially if you’re over paying or if you're with a fulfillment center that’s secretly marking up your postage or, what's worse, doesn’t care about your packaging dimensions and is just throwing your goods into whatever box they find convenient and fits their "system".

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So here's the nitty gritty shipping mumbo jumbo:

  • Since 2015, FedEx and UPS switched to the “Dimensional Weight” model. That means they can charge you based on the dimensions of your package if it's greater than the actual weight. So if your fulfillment company doesn't give a fuck, you pay loads extra to absorb their apathy. 

  • The cheapest shipping rates by far are USPS First Class mail and we offer those prices at commercial + pricing. Normally those rates are unavailable after 13oz. But Fulfillment CO clients can get those rates up to 16oz or 1 lb!

  • For packages over 1lb there’s still exclusive chances to save bank, on things you don’t care about, we have access to cubic-based pricing for USPS Priority Mail which saves a ship-ton compared to weight based USPS Priority Mail Pricing.

  • Got anything heavier? Well don’t bother with scouring the 75 pages of USPS postage rates, or haggling with UPS, FedEx, DHL directly for your own business account when you can piggy back off the hard work, expertise and technology we’ve already invested in finding out the best shipping solutions for your Direct to Consumer (DTC), Business to Business (B2B), Subscription Box, Fulfilled by Amazon prep (FBA), shipping strategy.


Alright, let's break the fourth wall here. Everything you've read on this website is pretty out of character for big corporate fulfillment companies. They treat their corporate sales text the same way they'll treat you--restrictive, formulaic, don't-you-dare-step-out-of-line-or-have-individual-needs. We've dropped more f-bombs than a Die Hard sequel and all to drive home the point that our entire business model is about being human. No miscellaneous and variable storage fees, no hidden costs and weekly or monthly minimums. And absolutely no robot customer service reps who make you worry you're turning into your parents when you scream "why can't you just LISTEN?" 


But if you’re looking for someone to bend the rules, that’s not us. We won't slip “Made in the USA” tags in your products arriving in boxes covered in kanji or cuneiform characters.  Nor will we alter your shipping reports to understate the number of special offer codes your ambassadors, influencers, and sales team funneled to your store so you can short sell the people driving your sales. And don’t even think about trying to use our re-labeling services to change expiration or lot numbers. No scams, no pyramid schemes, no fraudulent activity supported here, just good clean fun. What's the point of being as competitive as us if you cheat? 


And we are competitive; our acerbic sense of humor is only matched by the expertise and genuine love of learning and engineering logistics. If we don’t know something, or if there’s something your last 3PL or Fulfillment Center was doing for you, we promise to look into providing to you and at the very least take as just another arrow in our quiver.

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